What documents do I need to take to the MVD Vehicle Division Field Office to get a New Mexico CDL?

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06/08/2022 12:41 PM

You will need to take the originals of all these required documents:

  • Commercial Medical Examiner’s Certificate
  • And/or Federal Medical Waiver Card
  • Proof of employment by a government entity

Additional information clarifying each of these required documents is provided below.

Commercial Medical Examiner’s Certificate (MEC), form MCSA-5876. Other states’ Commercial Driver Medical Examination Certification Forms may be acceptable; however, these must be approved by the New Mexico CDL Unit.

If you are medically covered by a government entity, (city, county, state or federal), you can show your government- issued photo ID card, and bring in a  Vehicle Certification Form signed by your employer or your supervisor.

Plus documents proving identity and residency (Residency documents must be provided for all issuances and must be dated within 60 day of the applicaition date) which can be found here.