Knowledge (Written) Examination Changes

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Revised May 26, 2016

MVD Policy (TAPESTRY related procedural/policy updates 2016)

Non-commercial (NCL) knowledge (written) examinations can be taken twice per week and the scores are valid for five years.


NCL knowledge examinations may now be taken twice per week and even twice upon the same day.

Upon a third failure, the applicant may not test again for 6 months from the date of the first examination.

The testing week begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday.

Example: A customer takes and fails an NCL examination twice on Friday afternoon. The customer is eligible to take the same NCL examination again on Monday morning. If they should fail the third time, they will have to wait six months from Friday’s date to test again.

NCL knowledge exam scores are now valid for five years.

Example: A customer’s New Mexico license credential has been expired more than four years. To renew the license, the customer is required to provide proof of identity, identifying number, and two proofs of New Mexico physical address.

However, if the same customer were to allow their credential to expire more than five years, along with presentation of all the required documents, the applicant will also be required to take and pass, both, a knowledge (written) and a skills (road) examination.

NCL knowledge exams are now available in multiple languages.

Customers now have the option to take knowledge exams in English, Spanish, Tagalog, Italian, German, French, Vietnamese and Chinese.

The Spanish examinations have been updated to improve translation.

Currently, there are no plans to add additional languages.

Driving Schools should not utilize any other translation methodologies going forward.

Searching for Exam Sessions in Tapestry can be done utilizing the customer’s identifying number, last name, or date of birth.

Please do not send Driving School students away to obtain an ‘exam printout’ from their Driving School. The Driving Schools do not have an ‘exam printout’ to provide their students. Please exhaust all means of searching for customers’ exam sessions before turning them away or re-examining them.

SSOLV No Match when assigning knowledge exams.

SSOLV (Social Security Online Verification) validates applicants names, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers against the Social Security Administration’s database.

Effective immediately, manager approval is required for all Social Security overrides associated with assigning knowledge exams for applicants.

Driving Schools will need to contact Field Operations or Production Support if SSOLV returns a “no match” response for name and/or date of birth while assigning knowledge examinations. Field Operations and Production Support representatives are available only during normal MVD business hours.

Field Operations Help Desk:


Production Support:

Kristina Romero

David Chavez


Field Operations and Production Support representatives should refer to the Tapestry Call Center and Field Operations training guide for information on determining when allowing a SSOLV override for assigning examinations is appropriate.

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