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What is a Medical Waiver (medical exemption)?

The FMCSA grants medical exemption waivers to commercial motor vehicle drivers who have diabetes controlled with Insulin and to commercial motor vehicle drivers with vision of less than 20/40. To get applications for these waivers please Click Here.

How do I register a commercial vehicle in New Mexico?

A. Based Interstate Carriers Carriers that cross state lines - Vehicle must be titled in New Mexico. This can be done at any MVD Field Office. Carrier must submit the receipted IRS Form 2290 with appropriate weight category code. This applies only to vehicles 55,000...

What is a Warrant?

Authority issued by the State of New Mexico Public Regulations Commission to allow for- hire carriers to haul property from point to point in the state of New Mexico. The following are required to have a Warrant: Escort Services General Commodities Wrecker Services...

What is Authority?

Permission for companies that operate as for- hire carriers (for a fee or other compensation) that transport commerce, or arrange for their transport, within the borders of New Mexico. 

What is a 2290?

IRS Form 2290 is a Heavy Vehicle Use Tax imposed by the Federal Government on any vehicle 55,000 lbs. and over. This tax should be paid at a local IRS office to expedite your registration process.

What am I required to have when I cross the State of New Mexico?

Out- of- state carriers are required to have in their possession: Current IRP registration from their base state listing New Mexico or a valid trip permit from the Port of Entry IFTA license and decals (a decal on the drivers side and one on the passenger side) Single...

What do I do if I need to change the name on my account?

Submit a written request to the Commercial Vehicle Bureau of MVD with the carrier account number listing the OLD name and the NEW name. If the carrier wants new cab cards printed for IRP, submit $3.50 per IRP Cab Card and $2.00 for each Tax ID...

What do I do if I lose my cab card or license plate?

For a lost IRP Registration cab card and sticker: Submit a written request with the account number, unit number, plus a check for $3.50. For a lost IRP plate (IR E0000, IR 0000 or IR 00000): Submit a written request with the account number, unit number, and...

How do I cancel my account(s) with the State of New Mexico?

New Mexico Tax Identification permit account: Holders are required to submit a letter with the carrier account number (MTD/TAX account number). All tax identification permits for the registration year must be returned to the Commercial Vehicle Bureau. All tax...

What is a Mill Rate?

Mill rate is the cents- per- mile paid for the weight distance tax. The rate depends on the weight of the vehicle, and whether the vehicle is used for one- way hauling or two- way hauling (loaded both ways). Mill rates are listed on your quarterly tax report.

I sold my truck and bought a new one. Can I transfer my cab cards?

No, you may submit a New Mexico Apportioned Registration Application Schedule A & B specifying an even- exchange. Some states allow even- exchange credit for unused periods, however you will get new plates and credentials for your new vehicle. Form MVD 11026...